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Saint John's Abbey

Communications and
Publications Committee

Mr. Lee Hanley, Chair
Daniel Durken osb, The Abbey Banner
Geoffrey Fecht osb, Development
David Klingeman osb, Archives
Paul Vincent Niebauer osb, Vocations
Pat McDarby osb, The Confrere
Richard Oliver osb, Webweaver
Simon-Hoa Phan osb, Artist
Jim Tingerthal osb, Cemetery Office

The Scriptorium

Membership Directory

Some of the scribes below are responsible for multiple websites. One OSB website is sufficient for membership.
Saint John's Abbey Website

Name and E-mail



BEACH osb, Dennis, editor
<dbeach  @>


Justice and Peace

FAIR osb, Christopher, director
<cfair @>
woodworking/ Saint John's Abbey Woodworking
FECHT, osb Geoffery, director
<sjabbeydev @ >
development/ Abbey Development

GORMAN osb, Cyril, editor
<Guestmaster @>


Guests and Visitors

HANLEY, Lee, editor
<lhanley @>
monks/ Monastic Profiles
KLINGEMAN osb, David, editor
<dklingeman @>
archives/ Abbey Archives

KWATERA osb, Michael, director
<oblates  @>


The Oblate

NIEBAUER osb, Paul  Vincent, director
<vocations  @>



SEASOLTZ osb, Kevin, director
<kseasoltz @>


Worship magazine

TALAFOUS osb, Don, editor
<dtalafous @>
reflection/ Daily Reflection

TAUSCHER osb, Donald, director
<dtauscher @>


Spiritual Life Program
Associates and Collaborators


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Website Manager
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