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for WWW Content Producers
Part Two


Validation, Tools, Unix, Graphics and Style

CSS Checker (widely recommended)
CSE HTML Validator (syntactically correct and accessible HTML and CSS documents; GREAT!)
Validation (What is it? Why do it? How to do it)
Better WhoIs (enables a 'universal search' for a domain name, retrieving data from whichever registrar registered it)
Domain Report (domains and more)
Dreamweaver (Adobe absorbed this excellent Macromedia product)
FrameShop (Sam Choukri)
Lynx Viewer test your pages under Lynx via non-graphical display
Meta Tags Analyzer (Test your meta tags for the search engines)
Search Engine Tutorial
Site Report Card (free website analysis, optimization, and promotion)
TableMaker (Sam Choukri)
Ten Online Form Builders (SitePoint)
W3C Markup Validation Service: Validate your documents!
Web Developer References


The Elementary UNIX commands (webteacher.com)
Unix Shell Manpage Help
Unix sed script to replace strings of text or file names in many files. (David Sims, Web Review)
UNIXhelp for Users
Quick Reference: Unix Commands
Web Servers Feature Chart (WebCompare; not just unix)
Any Browser Campaign graphics
Clip Art: Barry's
Color Chart (RGB) with equivalents (67K)
ColorMaker (Sam Choukri)
Microsoft Typography
Icon Finder
Web Colors (Find any color's hex number video)
Non-Dithering Colors by Value (Lynda.com)
PNG Fact Sheet (Portable Network Graphics)
Slide Shows, Techniques for creating (JS)
Use of alt text in img (Web Design Group)
Web Design and Layout Tutorials (Website Tips)


Style and Policy
Any Browser Campaign
Composing Good HTML by Eric Tilton, (dated, but insightful)
Web Design Apps (MacWorld)
Online Privacy Alliance
Strunk, William. The Elements of Style (Classic tips for writers of English)
Sample internet usage policy (GFI Software)
Style Guide for Online Hypertext (W3C)
U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team Guidelines for Publishing Information Online
U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Privacy and Security.
Web Pages that Suck (Vincent Flanders shows how not to do it)


Select On-Line Publications and Resources

ITworld (16 cookies!)
DigitalWeb Magazine ("the web designer's magazine of choice")
Internet.com (16 channels; 20 cookies!)
Web Developer (21 cookies!)
Windows Developer (collaboration pays)
Wired Magazine (on newsstands now)


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