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Part One: Contents

Some orthopaedic hand and wrist resources concerning computer-related strain injury

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A first stop for newcomers and a helpful refresher for old-timers is Netiquette Home Page "the do's and don'ts of online communication."

The links below are suggestions to further resources on the Internet that can be of help to both novice and advanced HTML scribes. They do, however, reflect the evolving nature of HTML. Although I have found something or someone to recommend each site included here, and, in general, they support The Scriptorium's goal of design for universal accessibility and platform independence, one is likely to encounter contradictions, mistakes, product-prejudice, and personal opinion. Proceed with caution using an OSB mousepad and the brains God gave you to Evaluate Web Resources.


Basic HTML: Introduction by Joe Burns from HTML Goodies.
Introductions to HTML Up-to-date basic introductions to HTML from the HTML Writers Guild.

General HTML Authoring

Accessibility Resources (HWG/AGI)
Accessibility Standards for Web Design (W3C)
Getting Started with HTML by Dave Raggett
HTML Beginner's Tutorial (Robert Mening)
HTML Editors * List of HTML Editors (wikipedia)
HTML Help (Web Design Group)
HTML Reference is a comprehensive repository of current HTML specifications (w3schools.com).


"Dehanced for Lynx" (Good Manners for HTML Authors)
Hints for Web Authors (Warren Steel) Important!
HTML Resources (Web Review)
HTML Writers Guild and its helpful Webmaster Forum
The HTML Station (John December -- my hero!)


Nielson Norman Group: User Experience (Jakob Nielsen's Website)
IT Career Guide: Advice for IT Professionals (CIO)
Web Design Group (non-browser specific, non-resolution specific, creative and informative sites that are accessible to all users worldwide)
"What's Wrong with Font?" (Warren Steel) PLENTY!
WWW FAQ (Thomas Boutell's classic compilation updated)
ZD Trending Topics


Advanced HTML Authoring/Webmastering * JavaScript

Authoring Strategies for Voice Browsers
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML (Aide de mémoire for HTML adepts; the award winning resource by Kevin Werbach)
Domain names. (Check what's left at checkdomain.com)
Entities Listing (foreign characters, symbols, etc. widely used on the WWW; ISO-8859-1)


International Webmasters Association has merged with the HTML Writers Guild to form the largest association of Internet professionals.
Internationalize your website
"The Netscape Frames Tutorial" by Charlton Rose ("The single best source of information concerning Netscape frames programming on the Internet" Patrick Crispen, Adv-HTML, 9/12/96), but check out Shirley Kaiser's "To Frame, Or Not To Frame?" first.
Newtech Resources (Active-X, Java, JavaScript, Webaudio, etc.)
Search Engine Robots (© 2005)


Translate HTML Documents into Foreign Languages
Web Professionals (community, education, certification)
Web Tools (Web Review)
Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines


JavaScript and Java

DevEdge Online Documentation (Netscape)
Incremental Load Slideshow (Javascript from WsAbstract)
Java Servlets: Goodbye, CGI! (Web Review, 10/10/97)
Java Development Center (Amazon Web Services)
JavaScript Kit


The JavaScript Source
JavaScript Tip of the Week (webreference.com)
JavaScript World
"NS JavaScript vs. MS JScript" and much more (JavaCats)
VOODOO'S Introduction to JavaScript (Stefan Koch)


Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (w3.org; Dense, but comprehensive)
Cascading Style Sheets (References from Web Design Group)
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1, W3C Recommendation, 17 Dec 1996
Cascading Style Sheets (Webreference, very stylish)
Cascading Style Sheets for the World Wide Web (HTML Goodies)
CSS Checker; (widely recommended)
css/edge (Extreme Eric Meyer)


Learn CSS in Seven Easy Steps (with code examples)
Little Boxes (CSS Layout, Owen Briggs)
Rich in Style. CSS bug table




CGI Resource Index (usually very helpful)
"HTML and CGI Unleashed" by John December
Matt Wright's Script Archive (a major resource; often busy)
JAVA (developer.com)



Center for Democracy and Technology
Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford; NEW)
U.S. Copyright Office. Copyright and Copyright FAQ
Ten Copyright Myths explained by Brad Templeton


HTML Resources: Part Two

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